The Challenge

There are so many challenges that face our global community. It is almost overwhelming and hope could be easily lost.  However, through the Social Business Challenge we can and will make a difference one business and one life at a time.

Mission & vision

The mission of the Social Business Challenge is to get socially responsible businesses and organizations to market as soon as possible. 

Our vision is to create a global platform for business exchange, impact investing and the sharing of best practices in the areas of our greatest social challenges in our communities.

  • Global Poverty
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Clean drinking water
  • Youth Unemployment
  • Access to primary education

"We continue to support the Social Business Challenge as an example of business interests designed to make a difference, not just a buck."


Brian J. Salter

Director, Africa Trade Expansion Program

"The Social Business Challenge was created to move social entrepreneurs from planning to action, from presentation to market as quickly as possible.  With today's social challenges, we can't wait around for innovative, sustainable business ventures that can make a difference in someone's life.  We need their services, products and their solutions now.


Nathan Burrell


The Social Business Challenge

20-21 August 2014

​Masiva Ecologica conference Panama City, Panama


26 July 2014

New HONEY Club launched in Miramar, FL.

20 August 2014

Social Business Challenge launch!